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“The FMGE program includes 600 video tutorials covering all clinical subjects, comprising slides, quizzes and multiple-choice questions.”


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  • FMGE will soon be replaced by NEXT
  • 80% of MCQs for NEXT will be from the clinical subjects
  • With FMGE-NEXT course you, will learn the basics and how to diagnose using clinical scenarios from the top 1% clinicians. 

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#FMGE. With pass percentage of 15%, it is on of the toughest exams. By getting your basics or fundamentals right and learning with the help of clinical scenarios from experts, you can ace the exam with modest efforts.



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  • For FMGE aspirants

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  • Live now

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  • Yes. There are no additional hidden fees. Rs. 499 is the price for early subscribers for believing in us early.

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