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Docemy’s flagship program, DART for NEET PG/NEXT is uniquely structured Q Bank to cover 3000+ topics across 19 subjects. Enables you to complete a full round of active prep and self assessment in 30 days. And learn further without FOMO of skipping important topics. Visit DART for more details and sample MCQs. 

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Docemy is not No.1 in NEET PG prep. Why try us? Because we try harder for your success.

"Amazing initiative. Helped me boost my score tremendously. My rank went from 11k in May INICET to 300 in November, 22. Easy to review explanations of questions with highlighted points. Absolutely loved it."
"Questions were good. I gave grand test 3 in docemy where i got rank 1. In NEET PG 2022 i got AIR 816. It was really helpful."
"Would like to thank docemy for being part of my INICET journey. Was my first Iattempt...didnt know much about pattern...yet got 934 so I'm glad".
Dr. Sourabh K on Docemy
Dr. Sourabh P Kulkarni
Rank 934, INICET Nov 2022

High yield Q bank

  • NEXT pattern Q Bank rated best by students for high yield prep and self assessment in one go.

Based on the NEET PG/NEXT Blueprint

  • Learn and revise 19 subjects based on a plan. This is your FOMO killer and helps to complete reading and 3 rounds of revision in the shortest time. 

Experienced team‎‍

  • With cumulative experience of 500+ years, clinical stalwarts combine clinical knowledge with their unparalleled clinical experience.


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Our mantra: In testprep, more is less and less is more

High yield videos

With 30 minute average lesson time for maximum learning in minimum time

High yield Q Bank

With structured explanations #REASON🟣, #TOPIC DISCUSSION🔵, #EXTRAMILES 🟢, #OTHER OPTIONS 🟡 and PYQs

100% Time table based

All programs are based on time table/blueprint with syllabus mapping of topics from 19 subjects


Wiser way to revise. Designed to revise in 7 days just before the exam.

"It is a great idea actually. Has many advantages to it. Will help students who are struggling to find motivation"

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