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Meet the test preparation app that makes learning clinical subjects a breeze for NEET PG/NEXT. Rediscover the love for learning. 4 bundles. Maximum learning. Minimum time.🙌

docemy app
It is a great idea actually. Has many advantages to it. Will help students who are struggling to find motivation


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High value videos, q bank, tests & notes💎

  • From case scenario based classes to Q Bank rated best by students to Test Series and shortest revision program on the planet, everything is simple and high value/yield as it could be.

Based on the NEET PG/NEXT Blueprint

  • Learn and revise 19 subjects based on a plan. This is your FOMO killer and guide to complete first round of reading and 3 rounds of revision in the shortest time. 

Experienced team‎‍

  • With cumulative experience of 500+ years, clinical stalwarts combine information in books with their unparalleled clinical experience.

Highlights: Less is more

300 hours of videos

With 30 minute average lesson time for maximum learning in minimum time

3000+ handpicked MCQs

With structured explanations #REASON🟣, #TOPIC DISCUSSION🔵, #EXTRAMILES 🟢, #OTHER OPTIONS 🟡 and PYQs

Blueprint based

With syllabus mapping of 19 subjects to plan your learning and revisions


Wiser way to revise. Designed to revise in 90 hours including 5 minute RR videos


Questions were good. I gave grand test 3 in docemy where i got rank 1. In NEET PG 2022 i got AIR 816. It was really helpful.
Even if you dont have any basic knowledge about the subjects, The lectures provide you everything from A to Z. So without any hesitation say Yes for DOCEMY⚡⚡
Ranitha Mam mentions almost everywhere where a mistake can be made in the diagnosis by the students and helps to differentiate it.
I believe doing MCQs daily is the key to crack any MCQ examination including NEET PG. 15 MCQs a day might seem small. But that is going to have a lot of impact in the long run. And the scholarship part of this program guarantees the daily motivation you need.
Dr. Megha M
Dr. Megha Madhusoodhanan
Rank 1025, NEET PG 2022 on DART
The app is really helpful compared to other popular apps in terms of its systematically arranged daily test series.There is no technical issues while handling the app.It reduce our mental effort to half by nullifying the need to create a timetable of our own .
Very Useful, Concepts are too nice, Technical support team responds swiftly,I recommend everyone to take DOCEMY app subscription


Courses bundled together to learn in 300 hours and revise in 90 hours. Check out the bundles.

Expert Faculty
Students & growing ...

Real Rapid Revision. Not 2X Videos⚡

In addition to full length topic-by-topic videos, video course includes real rapid revision videos. Imagine how well you can revise if you could revise  Hemiplegia in just 4 minutes!
Play Video about Ultrashort medical videos

Q Bank. Clear & Concise with 10X High Yield  Points⚡

MCQs in DART program are clear and concise as you want them to be. Each explanation is well structured with high yield bullet points from the topic along with #REASON🟣, #TOPIC DISCUSSION🔵, #EXTRAMILE 🟢, #OTHER OPTIONS 🟡 and PYQs. Here are few samples. Click to zoom. 

And more, built with ❤️ by Docemy


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Minute by Minute Review of Thyroid swelling by a student. 0:34- good way of starting the video with a case 6:45- very good figure of different types of thyroid swelling 19:27- good explanation of clinical symptoms with table 27:29- good explanation of thyroid function test with table Note: Ranitha Mam mentions almost everywhere where a mistake can be made in the diagnosis by the students and helps to differentiate it. Score:9/10

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