Docemy+ Giveaway #140

Congratulations to the Winners of Docemy+ Giveaway #135! 🎉 Answer the question below to participate in Docemy+ Giveaways for medical students on Fridays. See this week’s question below. Closes in 24 hours. Let the games begin.New giveaways will be held every Friday. Bonus Rs.50 if you also know the name of the fundus finding seen.Continue reading “Docemy+ Giveaway #140”

How Many Topics Can You Learn In A Day

As a medical student, how many topics can you learn in a day? 5, 6, 10? What if you could learn more than that? Here is a superpower for medical students from Docemy. Learn must know points from must know topics in just minutes instead of hours. Introducing ultrashort videos for exam preparation. Medical students👩🏻‍⚕️Continue reading “How Many Topics Can You Learn In A Day”