NEETPG NeXT revision program


“Students can opt to better prepare for the NEET PG exam with the help of Docemy’s newly launched programme.” - India Today

Docemy is not No.1 in NEET PG prep. Why try us? Because we try harder for your success.

"Amazing initiative. Helped me boost my score tremendously. My rank went from 11k in May INICET to 300 in November, 22. Easy to review explanations of questions with highlighted points. Absolutely loved it."
dr manneet kaur
Dr. Manneet Kaur
Rank 300, INICET Nov 2022
"Questions were good. I gave grand test 3 in docemy where i got rank 1. In NEET PG 2022 i got AIR 816. It was really helpful."
Dr. Piyush Sharma
Rank 816, NEET PG 2022
"Would like to thank docemy for being part of my INICET journey. Was my first Iattempt...didnt know much about pattern...yet got 934 so I'm glad".
Dr. Sourabh P Kulkarni
Rank 934, INICET Nov 2022


  • An intense, outcome-based program designed to cover NEET PG subjects topic-wise in the shortest amount of time possible. With a focus on atomic learning instead of vanity learning (illusion of learning), you’ll learn all the must-know topics repeatedly asked in exams, without wasting time on irrelevant information.
  • Success isn’t just about how much you learn, but how efficiently you can revise it. That’s why NEET PG Rapid Prep emphasizes time-efficient revision to ensure that you retain all the essential information you need to succeed. Learning and revising without skipping any important topic is what you can achieve with NEET PG Rapid Prep. Just like a topper!
  • So why waste thousands of hours on endless resources when you can learn everything you need to know in a fraction of the time with NEET PG Rapid Prep? And the best part? You can get early access to Rapid Prep for just Rs.4999/-. Yes a whooping 50% OFF for early subscribers.
  • Don’t let the vast syllabus and limited time hold you back from achieving your dreams. Invest in your success with NEET PG Rapid Prep today and learn like a topper! Visit our course page to subscribe now.

Learn like a Topper for NEET PG 🎉

  • All in One course (Videos, Notes, Qbank & Test Series)
  • Conversational style structured explanations for better learning & max retention (Mnemonics)
  • IAMs (In A Minute Videos) to cover all exam points in a jiffy
  • NEET PG / NEXT Blueprint (Syllabus Mapping)
  • Clear & Concise notes for all 19 subjects

Program schedule

Program flow

Revision flow


rewise 2.0 blueprint

Mapping of the full syllabus into topic-wise modules with tests for each. Full time table available soon after you enroll.


MCQs are clear, concise and high yield as you want them to be. Each explanation is well structured with bullet points from the topic along with #REASON🟣, #TOPIC DISCUSSION🔵, #EXTRAMILE 🟢 and #OTHER OPTIONS 🟡 and previously asked questions marked with ‘Q’s. This helps to cover topics really well, bookmark and revisit them during your final read.


All that you need. Nothing you don’t. 

  • Must know topics repeatedly asked in exams in one place
  • 19 subjects x 19 booklets Bullet points, tables, flowcharts for easy reading and recall
  • Max your MCQ strike rate in NEET PG

👉 Rapid Prep Sample Notes 🤩


Real rapid prep videos. Imagine how well you can revise if you could learn and revise high yield clinical topics in under 5 minutes! See sample video on Alcohol Withdrawal from which 3 direct MCQs were asked in INICET Nov 22.


12 new pattern GTs: Get 12X more ready with 12 Grand Tests in latest pattern, MCQs and explanations.

Analytics: What gets measured gets improved. Quickly see your weak and strong areas with 4 quadrant analysis and improve. Once all your topics are up in the top quadrant, rest assured you are in very good shape for NEET PG/NEXT.



Screening tests

Helps to benchmark your subject-wise knowledge as you start and see improvement once you finish

Topic-wise tests

Topic-wise MCQs covering 19 subject topics based on REWISE BLUEPRINT

Grand tests

12 Grand Tests with 200 NEET PG pattern MCQs, All india ranking


Previous year questions from last 5 years covered in explanations

Rapid Prep Videos

Videos under 5 mins for real rapid revision. See Sample 🤩🤩🤩 - Strike rate of 3 MCQs from this 4 min video in Nov 22, INICET

Rapid Prep Notes

Also get NEET PG ReWise Notes by sharing with your friends after you enroll. See Sample 🤩🤩🤩


Overall, subject-wise and topic-wise analysis after each test

Blueprint/Time Table

Curated topic-wise time table so that you do no miss out on any topic.


"Amazing initiative. Helped me boost my score tremendously. My rank went from 11k in May INICET to 300 in November, 22. Easy to review explanations of questions with highlighted points. Absolutely loved it."

- Dr. Manneet Kaur

Rank 300, INICET Nov 2022

Nice ,u can go for it, nice to revise, gud for quick revision (very low price compared to other apps)

Dr. Anu Ram

"Rewise module is amazing 👏 thank you🙏"

Dr. Kuna Anusha

"I am solving questions in morning and revising those topics in day which will finally be completing my whole mbbs course"

Dr. Nitesh Tiwari

"It's a wonderful program. Very high quality Mcqs with good explanations. Because of the time bound nature of the program, it forces us to solve new MCQ modules every day. Since it covers all subjects I am in touch with those subjects everyday. Thanks a lot and hats off to the designers of this program."

Dr. Samuel J Wesley



NEET PG/NEXT Guarantee 🙌

We won’t say RAPID PREP is a shortcut. But it is designed to gel with your daily schedule and give you the dose of academics you need to crack NEET PG/NEXT. Before you know you will have remarkable knowledge on high yielding topics from all 19 subjects and start performing well in TWTs and GTs. That is our guarantee.


What is RAPID PREP? 🧑🏻‍🚀​

There are courses which require 5000+ hours of learning (850+ video hours, 10K+ pages of notes or 25K+ MCQs etc) which are meant for those who prepare well right from their first year. But, since when did maximum content mean better? 🤔 RAPID PREP is the shortest, but maximum high yield course on the planet for NEET PG/NEXT.

When will it launch?🚀​

RAPID PREP will be OPEN from 15th March, 2023. Enroll to start your preparation.

Will the questions be based on NEET PG/NEXT pattern?

Yes. Questions in 3000+ MCQs and GTs follow NEET PG/NEXT pattern.

How to sign up?

Use Enroll Now button above for joining the course. Alternatively you can enroll via Docemy app on play store and app store.

Will I get all modules if I join now?

Yes, all modules/tests are open till your plan expires and can be taken anytime.

Are full videos of clinical topics also included?

Full videos are included in BUNDLE 4. Full videos are not part of BUNDLE 3.

How is RAPID PREP better than other programs?

Better will be an understatement. RAPID PREP is 10X better than other programs as it is an end to end program to help you crack NEET PG/NEXT with a robust time table, concise videos and series of tests with analytics to execute it in a measurable way. Best part it is 10X shorter than any other program and helps you learn like a topper by not skipping any topic.

Is the price all inclusive?

Yes. There are no additional hidden fees. Rs. 4999 is the price for early subscribers for believing in us early.

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