Wiser way to revise for NEET PG in 90 hours.

# An intense, time-bound revision program with 8000+ topic-wise MCQs

NEET PG NEXT revision program


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Students can opt to better revise for the NEET PG exam with the help of Docemy’s newly launched programme.”


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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

This time, try the power of atomic learning to succeed.

What is NEET PG Rewise?

  • An intense time bound, outcome-based program that will get you to cover NEET-PG Subjects topic-wise spending a fraction of time and money than you would otherwise.
  • NEET-PG Rewise focuses on atomic learning instead of vanity learning (illusion of learning). Atomic learning involves a  topic-wise revision of all 19 subjects so that you do not miss out any topic that could be a potential question (see time table below). Our team of experienced faculty and toppers believe that it does not matter how much information you have learned, unless you revise them in a time efficient manner. This is what you can achieve with NEET PG Rewise.

Program schedule

# Designed to gel with your revision schedule

  • 90 modules open till end of subscription
  • 90 x 90 x 90 regime: 90 Modules x
    90 Topic-wise MCQs with analysis and explanations to cover 19 subjects in 90 hours
  • Average time per module: 45-60 mins
  • 👉 Time table 🤩🤩🤩
  • All modules can be accessed till end of your subscription. Students who wish to, can complete unlimited modules in a day

Program flow

# 90 Rewise Modules covering 19 subjects topic-wise + 3 Grand Tests

  • 90 Rewise Modules (8100 topic-wise MCQs): Each module contains 15 subjects x 5 = 75 Qs + 5 SARP (Skin, Anesthesia, RD, Psychiatry) = 80 MCQs per day + 10 Questions from previous days
  • 3 Grand Tests (200 MCQs): GT 1 – Live. GT 2  – Live, GT 3 – Live
  • Grand Tests difficulty: GT 1 – Hard, GT 2 – Moderate, GT 3 – Easy
  • Total: 8700 MCQs

Crack NEET PG/NEXT guarantee. 🙌

# We won’t say Rewise is easy. But what we guarantee is it will supercharge your revision. Rewise will,

  1. Keep you motivated till the exam day
  2. Enhance your confidence by identifying your strong areas
  3. Help you fill the knowledge gaps quickly when you identify the weak areas. Enroll today to get started

Entry fees

# Entry fees is Rs. 999 – Rs. 1999 on a first-come first-serve basis. Enroll now. 👉


What is Rewise? 🧑🏻‍🚀


  • Rapid revision plan for NEET PG

When will it launch?🚀

  • Live now

Are GTs there? 


3 GTs are included in Rewise for final stage of revision. Schedule:

  • Grand Test I: Live Now
  • Grand Test II: Live Now
  • Grand Test III: Live Now

Is there analytics?

  • Yes, each module will provide the chapter wise strength for improving your revision. 

How many MCQs are there? 


  • The program includes 8700 MCQs in total. This includes 8100 MCQs that students will receive via 90 modules plus 600 MCQs via the three GTs.

Does the tests include ranking?


  • Yes, all three GTs have ranking.

Is the price all inclusive? 


  • Yes. There are no additional hidden fees. Rs. 999 is the price for early subscribers for believing in us early.

Will I get all modules and GTs if I subscribe now?

  • Yes, all modules and GTs are open
  • The 90 modules can be attempted after the launch date as well till end of subscription.
  • More number of times you can go through the Q. Bank before NEET PG/NEXT the better the retention will be.

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