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“Don’t count the days, make the days count” – Muhammad Ali


Experience the power of knowledge compounding withΒ NEETΒ PG DART (Daily Assessment & Reward Tests) + Biweekly Grand Tests.


🎯 DART is a round-the-year course that helps you prepare systematically for NEET-PG/NEXT.


🎯 Learning 10 topics daily via 10 MCQs can take you a long way if you commit yourself to it.


🎯 Course is designed to prompt you to learn daily, earn cash rewards every 2 weeks and win bonus rewards on course completion.


🎯 Launching on 01st July, 2022 πŸŽ‰

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Dr. Joseph Johnson about NEET PG DART

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Enroll for β‚Ή499 & GET…

Daily Tests with 10 NEET PG pattern MCQs

Biweekly Grand Tests with 200 NEET PG pattern MCQs including clinical and image based

Cash prizes for top performers and bonus rewards for all

Also get NEET PG ReWise Notes by sharing DART with your friends after you enroll. ReWise Sample Notes🀩🀩🀩

Entry fees is Rs.499 – Rs.4999 on a first-come first-serve basis. Enroll now. πŸ‘‰


Β  β‚Ή4999Β  Β 



01. What is DART?

Daily Tests + Grand Test course with scholarships for medical students.

02. Is the question pattern based on NEET PG?

Yes. Questions in Daily tests and Grand tests follow NEET PG pattern.

03. How to sign up?

Enroll Now for joining the course. We will be onboarding students on a first-come first-serve basis.

04. What are the cash rewards?

Top 3 performers in the biweekly grand tests will receive cash as reward for their hard work.Β 

  • First prize: Rs. 5000
  • Second prize: Rs. 3000
  • Third prize: Rs. 2000

05. What are the bonus rewards?

Consistency is the precursor of success. And we reward students who complete all tests with 50% of the entry fee back.

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06. Is the price all inclusive?

Yes, There are no additional hidden fees. Rs. 499 is the price for early subscribers for believing in us early.

07. When will it launch?

01st July 2022.

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Drops make an ocean🌊

We won’t say DART is all fun. But it will give you the daily dose of academics and before you know you will have remarkable knowledge on high yielding topics from all 19 subjects.

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