How Many Topics Can You Learn In A Day

As a medical student, how many topics can you learn in a day?

5, 6, 10?

What if you could learn more than that? Here is a superpower for medical students from Docemy. Learn must know points from must know topics in just minutes instead of hours. Introducing ultrashort videos for exam preparation.

Medical students👩🏻‍⚕️ have too much to learn and too little time. This is when getting the essence of high yield topics becomes super helpful. Docemy has launched an exciting new series which will cover the most important points from must know topics. These ultrashort videos are designed to be a great way for you to quickly get started with your exam preparation, and refresh what you’ve already learned before taking on more complex material.

While regular videos are 15-45 minutes long on Docemy, the ultrashort videos are less than 5 mins long. That means, you can learn 12 topics in an hour. So if you study, 3 hours a day, you cover 36 topics. Now if you look at the number of topics in the whole of final year it is ~ 650 topics.

At 36 topics per day, you will be able to cover final year topics in just 18 days. Once you have a full run of topics with the ultrashort videos, you can refer the regular lecture videos 15-45 minute long for in-depth learning.

And the biggest benefit, no more skipping topics due to lack of time.

So, How Many Minutes Does it Take to Learn Hemiplegia? Well, 3 minutes.

in a miute videos
Hemiplegia⚡ In A Minute by Dr. Ranjit S Watson Sir, Neurology.

Click here to watch video.

Or, Measles? Well, 3 minutes again.

Measles⚡ In A Minute by Dr. Thomas Ranjit Sir, Pediatrics

Click here to watch video.

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